Why zoos should close

I vote we should also get rid of circuses that have animals. October 25, at 3: When you do that the potential for global shift increases exponentially. Let's evolve into a species that doesn't feel the need to use others for our entertainment.

Just think of the animals and don't go around saying, "Y not just tell all Americans to release their pets, dogs and cats in the streets. There are many good wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers that should remain.

February 4, at 5: Animals in zoos are captive-bred - they were born in captivity, as were their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. As long as an animal has a comfortable place to live, plenty of food, and the right company if it's a social species, it is content.

Sanctuaries for injured animals or animals unable to be reintroduced to the wild should have little contact with the gawking public.

5 Reasons You Should Boycott the Zoo

It is a sad reality, and I wish it was different, but until we make it safer for rhinos, and gorillas, and tigers, and pandas, etc. If zoo employees think that living in an enclosed setting however embellished with greenery and being gawked at by a hoard of great apes makes for a pleasant life, I suggest that they volunteer for the first ever human zoo.

Fed crocodiles and been picked up and carried by an affectionate elephant. Bad zoos, however, can partake in the illegal blackmarket pet and exotic animal trade.

Zoos gave me a lifelong passion for animals and I would hate to see them abolished just because they could stand to improve some of their facilities and practices.

Children only learn about enslavement from zoos, they don't learn how animals actually behave in their natural habitats. You would think that they train those elephants with positive reinforcement and treats; wrong.

They had the opportunity to go out to the sea and come back to the sanctuary. Many people are "out of sight, out of mind" in their thinking. Watching my son light up in front of the screen, I wondered: August 13, at 7: But I'm sure a lot of zoos are not good.

There is very little that is learned from caged animals. One might even argue that they are better off in captivity, since they do not have to contend with the constant dangers of the wild - disease, injury, predation, starvation, etc.

Studies have shown that children visiting zoos do not get much of an education about the animals.

Is it time to close our zoos?

The space is tiny and there is little to do but go mad. Took a picture of you. Born in a cage and grew up in a cage. You can learn more from watching wildlife documentaries that observe animals in their natural habitats, or if funds allow, by taking an expedition to see them enjoying their lives right where they belong, in nature.

Costa Rice is doing a lot to make sure these animals are rehabilated either into the wild or other more humane refuges.

Zoos spend millions on keeping captive animals confined as opposed to fighting to protect natural habits that are being destroyed at an alarming rate and threatening many endangered species.

Why Zoos Should Close

October 24, at Sanctuaries would need to be focused on the animals well being, not their presentation to gawkers. My son was glued to the screen and full of questions.

Zoos have done great work in breeding animals, learning how to help them and saving their habitat. What can be learned from an animal who is imprisoned and unable to exercise their most basic desires.

August 28, at You got meals 3 times a day and people came and stared at you. The animal you see in the zoo had adapted to their environment and zoos are doing what they can to optimise animal welfare for animals under their care.

October 25, at 9: Most zoos sell tickets with the ability to present "new babies". This is to prevent tapping on wild population. While a safari in the plains of the Serengeti may be preferable, the vast majority will never be able to afford such an exotic holiday.

Bad zoos, however, can partake in the illegal blackmarket pet and exotic animal trade. These animals can be taken directly from the wild, illegally, and/or bred with other animals with absolutely no consideration to their genetics.

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Why Zoos Should Close

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I need help for debating: why should all zoos be closed down?

Aug 09,  · America should close its zoos, circus acts and any other use of big cats. These animals belong in the wild and will never get the protection or funding they need as long as they are viewed as property in the U.S. Why zoos should close Essay.

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1 - Why zoos should close Essay introduction. Limited enrichment. Animals need to have their mind active while they are in captivity. Good zoos do this by offering them toys or puzzles to figure out, by hiding food in the exhibit so they have to exercise their natural hunting.

scavenging instincts and by using. All zoos should be closed – other species have rights [They] not should expect to be able to see a tiger.” We want to close that distance between ourselves and other species to feel.

InCosta Rica announced a plan to close its public zoos. It’s time for the rest of the world to move the legitimately conservation-oriented breeding programs to spacious sanctuaries and preserves—where the public can still view the animals—and follow suit.

Why zoos should close
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