Why india still developing

The youth of India today lives in a society defined by multiple languages, religions, ethnicities and political thought, among other things. Over six decades later inpoverty is down to 21 percent despite the multifold increase in population.

Brain Drain Brain drain is the next issue that makes India still a developing nation and the people of India mostly use all the resources from India to gain lots of knowledge and then finally they get themselves settled in the foreign countries.

5 Reasons Why India is Still a Developing Country

There will be a easy development of our nation. While the safety standards of automobiles are an issue, a lack of consideration for all road users by traffic engineers and planners is largely to blame.

An engineering student must be aware of topics like differentiation and integration for scientific calculations. This is the reason why British held us as slaves for many years. Perhaps the need of the hour is responsible, ethical, educated and work oriented people at power.

There has to be some strict rules to be issued by the government to eradicate the corruption in our country. The list of OBCs is dynamic and every now and then the government edits it mostly for political reasons ; there is significant confusion about their exact proportion.

In the corruption India is ranking the top 10 lists. Yet they define their own generation, which is starkly different from their fathers and grandfathers. For development to take place, implementation of policies is necessary as well.

5 Reasons Why India is Still a Developing Country

Perhaps the need of the hour is responsible, ethical, educated and work oriented people at power. The reason is because the resources are not shared properly among the people.

There is no doubt that Indians are brilliant.

Is India still a developing country?

To this date, the central govt is pushing everyone to learn this language by various means. There are many people who is performing corruption. Give him a Rupee note, he will oblige. However, one message is very clear: In this criteria it can be said that the population is the first reason on why India is still a country that is not developed.

Roads in India have a life of just about 5 years, whereas roads built in developed countries last for about 20 years. In this case because of the drastic increase in the population the resources are not shared properly.

Raka Choudhuryurban planner and writer for the Wall Street Journal Cars make up a tiny fraction of all road users in India.

Politics in India Politics is a great issue in any country. As a result, till date, we fight among states owing to lack of unity. Within India, there are many different countries.

Is India still a developing country?

This has only incited a feeling of hatred and not unity as the govt expected it to be. I can even tell that the educated and well experienced people should be sent to those responsible seats to rule the country and make decisions for the sake of the country.

If the India has to be made a developed nation then it is very much necessary that the political field should undergo a severe change. The Indian people are affected to greater extent because of the corruption.

But, Yes, it did one smart Math. In the end-May87 million people lived in extreme poverty compared with 73 million in India. There are also many anti corruption forces acting all over India and in spite of these forces the corruption is taking place.

Growing inequalities do mean that a rising middle class is emerging, but this should not blind us to the lack of fulfilment of basic social and economic rights for the bulk of people.

While there can never be agreement on poverty numbers, compare these numbers with the European Union and US populations of million and million, respectively. Share with your friends and let them know how you feel about this opinion. There are still many people who are below poverty line in our country.

If officials like them stop being so greedy, India will hit the top. There will be a lot of necessity for the resources to be shared among the people of the country. When compared to education on the various states in India we can tell that Kerala is the fist state in the literacy and the most sad thing is that Bhihar is the state in India that is very poor in the poverty criteria.

India has million 21 percent of total population people under the poverty line, as per the latest official headcount of the poor in India. The people who are below poverty line are not given any importance. Corruption is a big hurdle in the growth of the country. Due to corruption foreign investors show lack of interest in doing business in India.

Scams are unearthed every now and then in our country.

Why India is still a Developing Nation and not a Developed Nation

These scams are impacting FDI inflow. India must show zero tolerance towards corruption, bribery and social evils. Oct 13,  · Category People & Blogs; Song Bombay (Theme) (Version 2) Artist A.

R. Rahman; Album Bombay (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Licensed to YouTube by. The journey of the Indian subcontinent and its tremendous metamorphosis over the last 5, years is a great example of how civilizations are. Why is India still a developing nation even though it has tremendous mental/intellectual prowess which it exports to the rest of the world?

Other countries take brains from India and just provide them the right environment to. If we talk about India, one of the fastest developing country in the world, But not still developed, we should see the fact that the growth of economy is not as good when compared to developed countries and those are much superior than India.

The question of whether or not India is a developed or developing country is not so simple that it can be measured by the yardstick of the number of billionaires or a mission to the moon.

Why india still developing
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