Why i chose engineering

People see the placement records of a particular year, and enroll themselves with the same branch which gave best placement. Alongside this, the first draft for ourten person group report is due within the first two days back too.

The job of a drilling engineer is to design and calculate all the necessary parameters to drill a successful well with the minimum cost. Design and build a unique research device as part of a multidisciplinary research team to enable scientific discovery.

When you enter any engineering discipline you must have a strong interest in science and mathematics in a way that allows you to solve problems of a highly technical nature.

Now getting pretty close to the end of Part 2 I am so glad I chose Mechatronics. It put what we had learnt in class to practical use and depending on your lab partner a whole lot of fun. Courses such as biomaterials, biomechanics, and bioelectricity are often part of the undergraduate Biomedical Engineering curriculum.

Below is an off-record view, I want to express. I will now break up the four major categories so you can learn more about the careers and specializations within. The complexity of improving these utilities also increases which can place a huge burden on some Governments and economies.

I had no idea while I was sitting in the hall where seat allocations were happening.

Why did you choose engineering?

The drawback is that they are extremely specialized, leaving clueless high school graduates fumbling to decide which kind of engineer they want to be before they have any experience. Each field is unique and even each well is unique, that is why a production engineer must interact closely with reservoir engineers and those in other disciplines to determine the optimal approach for that particular field.

Development of the field is affected by a wide variety of the parameters in addition to the market value of the crude oil. Creative Thinking Engineering is by its very nature a creative profession.

With this understanding no individual can be expected to have or develop such broad expertise which covers all of Biomedical Engineering. They tend to be found only in industry. Even better, there are not infinitely many ways to branch off like in engineering.

High school preparation for Biomedical Engineering would include four years of math through pre-calculusone year each of physics, chemistry and biology. That's good—you shouldn't make important life decisions after reading just one article. What about someone who is torn between being a scientist, mathematician, or engineer?.

Nov 26,  · I chose engineering purely out of my interest I detested all medical profession But now I am wondering why not target for a doctorate in an electronic field and beat the life out your neighboring. "I chose to pursue my degree at ISyE because it was ranked #1 among industrial engineering schools.

Moreover, the School’s breadth of research was impressive with outstanding faculty members who have expertise in a wide variety of subjects.

If you're considering starting an engineering degree or apprenticeship now have a number of ways to answer the question why choose engineering? A good starting salary, great career prospects, employment security and a wide range of exciting areas to work in:.

Why Choose Engineering?

Economic. The economic argument for geoscience is a strong one, especially in this economy. There is a strong demand for new geoscientists, because many employers have an aging workforce, and global economic cycles have driven up the cost of commodities, increasing demand, and leading to.

The undergraduate Biomedical Engineering degree is often a stepping stone for professional studies (Medicine, Law, Dentistry, etc) or graduate work (Biomedical Engineering, Physiology, Molecular Biology, etc) but many students also go directly into industries where biomedical products are designed and manufactured.

Sep 26,  · Why did you choose to pursue engineering? Because of all these reasons I chose Engineering. oh. and one more reason was Newspaper.

Why did you choose career in network engineering?

Because they showed engineers earning a lot (a lot means a lot) Why did I choose to be an engineer? O_O. Well I am not yet an engineer, I just gave my JEE, but I very well know where I .

Why i chose engineering
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Essay of why i chose to study computer network engineering