The bad side and threats of antibiotics to our health

Though this discussion focuses on the evolving resistance of bacteria to antibiotics, the issue of antimicrobial resistance is actually much broader. Antibiotics do not work against viruses.

This leads to to strains that can cause fatal infections. Meanwhile, the control of subclinical diseases and therapeutic interventions for recognized clinical bacterial diseases by using antibacterial agents is frequently the only practical option, and therapy creates burdens in both economic and humane perspectives when disease-prevention measures fail Phillips et al.

5 Frightening Consequences of Overusing Antibiotics

In addition, progesterone did not induce any adverse effects on fertility and development in rats and rhesus monkeys Wharton and Scott, Colds and many other infections of the upper respiratory tract, plus some ear infections, are not caused by bacteria, but by viruses. Microbes have the capacity to develop resistance, whether they are bacteria, viruses, or protozoa.

The residue level found in Canadian beef heifers treated with MGA at a rate of 0. Orally administered testosterone undecanotate induced the progression of virility and testicular growth, and the acceleration of growth associated with puberty in delayed boys at 40 mg per day for months without any side-effects Butler et al.

Do not take an antibiotic for a viral infection such as the common cold. In the case of penicillin, Cox et al. This means that ridding patients of infection requires longer, more expensive forms of therapy. Zeranol is metabolized to zearalenone and taleranol and tissue residue levels of zeranol are in the range of 0.

Zeranol, melengestrol, and trenbolone. While specialists are making strides to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics and to slow potential infections through better policy, the overuse of antibiotics continues to have severe health consequences for the U. Author admin Posted on.

In addition to antibiotic resistance, overusing antibiotics can lead to other problems. The general public, doctors and hospitals all play a role in ensuring proper use of the medications and minimizing the development of antibiotic resistance. Testosterone propionate mg in combination with estradiol benzoate 20 mg is administered to cattle as an ear implant for growth promotion.

For instance colds, most sore throatsacute bronchitis and many sinus or ear infections are viral and will not be helped by antibiotics.

Orally administered zeranol showed weak estrogenic effects in long-term toxicity studies using rats, dogs, and monkeys through changes in mammary glands and reproductive organs Davis et al. Apr 23,  · Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, is a snapshot of the complex problem of antibiotic resistance today and the potentially catastrophic consequences of inaction.

RESULTS. In our review, we found that the use of antibiotics in food animals is widespread, yet poorly characterized. Furthermore, in existing studies, neither the risks to human health nor the benefits to animal production have been well studied. But many doctors and researchers suspect that this practice is contributing to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, posing a serious danger to our health.

Growth promoters including hormonal substances and antibiotics are used legally and illegally in food producing animals for the growth promotion of livestock animals. Hormonal substances still under debate in terms of their human health impacts are estradiolβ, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol.

Risk Assessment of Growth Hormones and Antimicrobial Residues in Meat

To find out what happens to our gut microsystem during a single course of antibiotics, Swedish and British researchers gave healthy adults either a placebo or an oral antibiotic. They collected samples of saliva and feces before and after a course of antibiotics.

The first group of negatives is the side effects that accompany many of these antibiotics.

Antibiotic Misuse, Reactions, and Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotics often act without regard for the type of bacteria they are designed to attack. In other words, they do not know the difference between the good and the bad.

The bad side and threats of antibiotics to our health
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