Reasons why you should become an organ donor

I might prefer to drink the liquid in a glass because I think that it is beer, though it really is strong acid. Organ theft and Organ trade Now monetary compensation for organ donors is being legalized in Australia, and strictly only in the case of kidney transplant in the case of Singapore minimal reimbursement is offered in the case of other forms of organ harvesting by Singapore.

Moreover, if the rule is publicly known, then patients will fear that they might be used as organ sources, so they would be less likely to go to a doctor when they need one. In organs were taken from 36 deceased individuals. Come to think of it… gay men and transgender people can actually contribute to the increase in blood supply, right.

But the shortage of donor organs means preference is given to those likely to have better outcomes and reasonable life expectancy after transplantation. Now, if we assume that an act must be such a proximate cause of a harm in order for that harm to be a consequence of that act, then consequentialists can claim that the moral rightness of that act is determined only by such proximate consequences.

The Australian paired-exchange program allows greater numbers of live donor transplants to occur through paired kidney donor swaps. Limiting the Demands of Morality Another popular charge is that classic utilitarianism demands too much, because it requires us to do acts that are or should be moral options neither obligatory nor forbidden.

Information Why Womens Hospital. The World Medical Association stated that prisoners and other individuals in custody are not in a position to give consent freely, and therefore their organs must not be used for transplantation.

Alternatively, it may come from a person who had arranged to donate their organs after death. Due to investigation of the program, however, there has been some concern whether the money collected is being used to assist families.

She would not have killed her husband if I had given her spoons instead of knives. Harsanyiargues that all informed, rational people whose impartiality is ensured because they do not know their place in society would favor a kind of consequentialism.


A Theory of Justice, Cambridge: Uneasy Virtue, New York: Organ transplantation in Japan The rate of organ donation in Japan is significantly lower than in Western countries. A transplanted liver will function for five years or more in 70 percent of recipients, and even longer if the organ came from a living donor.

Certain blood types are more prevalent in ethnic minority populations. The reason is that it is not the doctor who kills the five, and the doctor's duty seems to be to reduce the amount of killing that she herself does.

By donating your organs after you die, you can save or improve as many as 50 lives. Then the world will contain the five killings of them if they die, but not if they do not die. It may seem that way because of the amount of publicity generated when a celebrity receives a transplant, but they are treated no differently from anyone else.

These claims could be clarified, supplemented, and subdivided further.

Organ transplantation

When I decide to visit a friend instead of working for a charity, I can know that my act is not immoral even if I have not calculated that the visit will create enough overall good or that it will improve the world. Yet, if the operations in question can be made safe, there is little threat to the donor.

An American teenager received a heart-lung donation with the wrong blood type for her. Agent-relativity is also supposed to solve other problems. For the LGBT community, this is quite insulting and does not change anything.

So consequentialists need more than just new values if they want to avoid endorsing this transplant. Good Samaritan[ edit ] Good Samaritan or "altruistic" donation is giving a donation to someone not well-known to the donor.

Again, many people value knowledge of other galaxies regardless of whether this knowledge will create pleasure or avoid pain. Male homosexuals and transgender women are, in general, considered to be having regular sexual intercourse with people of the same gender.

Find a reason to become a blood donor today. Age, weight and other requirements can all be found here. We've got all the information you need. Why Should You Become an Organ Donor There are many reasons for you to become an organ donor but I will mention seven reasonable points that you should consider.

From all of the below mentioned reasons, this ONE is a good and solid reason for you to sign up. Organ Donation And Transplantation For An Organ Transplant - Back in Dr.

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Joseph Murray and Dr. David Hume preformed the very first successful organ transplant that utilized a living donor ("History of Organ Donation & Transplants | New York Organ Donor Network," ). by Jan - Mother is proud of 18 yr old "Angel" daughter's organ donation decision - submitted October 2, In July I lost my precious angel of 18yrs old.

She was the light in my life and one of the reasons I live, the other is my son. The reasons to become a donor are endless, but here is my personal list of reasons why you should save a life.

1. 60 is the number Up to 60 people can benefit and heal from your combined donations of tissue, organs, and corneas.

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The human blood, as we know it, is one of the most precious gifts that we could ever give to our fellow men— it does not cost a single dime, is almost painless, and can save thousands of lives.

Reasons why you should become an organ donor
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